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Gaming Computers For Christmas

Gaming Desktop PCs

Built & Ready For Christmas

Looking for a gaming computer for Christmas? We are now taking orders and deposits to allow us time to build your bespoke gaming desktop.

We know how overwhelming it can be when trying to decide which gaming computer or specification would suit the best. Which is why have a dedicated gaming team who are ready to help you make decisions without pressuring you into an upsell or to exceed your budget.

Introducing Windows 11

Here’s a Video Showing everything you will need to know about the up coming Windows 11.
It is expected to be available for free at the end of 2021 for systems already running on Windows.

Working From Home

Laptop Docking Station

Turn your Laptop into a feature packed Desktop PC

Remote Working

Additional Ports

Multiple Monitor Setups

Remote working has become a hot topic for 2020/2021. A docking station for your Laptop maybe the solution you need to setup your office at home.

Typical office setups often include multiple monitors, printers, microphones and cameras. Using a Laptop hub you can expand your connectivity and customise your own setup to fit your needs. Laptops are great for the mobile worker, however they can be restricted in terms of connectivity. You may need additional ports for all your devices, and the smaller screen size may be affecting your productivity.

Here at Storm we are always ready to offer our expertise, and perhaps a helping hand where we can. The Wavlink unit can be purchased from our shop page, where we also have a selection of Monitors and Keyboard/Mouse Bundles.

If you require further support feel free to contact us for more information.


SSD Upgrades at Storm Computershop

Here we compare an HDD drive with an SSD drive in a head to head race. First we power on both identical T430 Laptops and open the Chrome browser. Next we close them down which brings the race to a finish.

As you can see in the video the SSD system on the right is far quicker and more responsive on Windows 10. This holds true with Apple products where a dramatic performance increase can be seen.

We offer SSD upgrades as a service, and all our systems in the shop have solid state technology. Contact us via the details at the bottom of the page for more information

Super Fast Startup Times

Solid State Technology

High Speed Data Transfer

Mac Compatible

Improved Reliability

Windows Compatible

Same Day Swap Computers | Ready To Go PCs

Are You Ready To Upgrade Your Computer?

We offer a same day service on our refurbished desktop range. This can include transferring or recovering data from your old computer and migrating it across to a new system. We can also install your software and programs such as Sage Accounts, Sage Payroll, Adobe Suites, Office 365, AutoCAD & much more.

Same Day Service

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Refurbished to Highest Standards

Intel i5 Processor

Full 1 Year Warranty

Windows 10 Pro

Adapting to Social Distancing in the Office

Get Your Office Ready

As the end of the UK lock down approaches and office staff across the country are preparing to go back to the workplace amidst the uncertainty of safety & separation from colleagues. We want to remind our customers, old and new, that we are on hand to provide social distancing standards within the office.

Relocate Computers

Network Points

Extending Networks

Sharing Solutions

Adding Printers

Relocate Phones


If you own a MacBook the chances are you paid a small fortune for your machine. This is why we always advise to be careful who you select for your servicing, upgrades and repairs.



The hard drives on MacBooks are usually the only thing that wears down over time. Chances are if you have a 5-year-old MacBook, and the hard drive has never been changed, that’s the cause of it running slow, freezing, not booting and many more issues.

Replacement 1TB hard drives on a MacBook start at £99.


RAM upgrades on MacBooks can help with demanding software such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, for a cost effective price. A typical upgrade costs for Mac RAM is around £79 and can drastically help performance


SSDs for Macs can make an already fantastic machine, even faster.

Prices start at £119



Screens for MacBooks are expensive which is why we go the extra mile to not only replace the screen of your MacBook, but give it an entire new lid – effectively giving you a brand new top half of the machine.

Prices generally start at around £239, but it depends on the age of the MacBook you have.

We also offer a cheaper glass replacement service. This involves replacing the front glass of the MacBook if that is the only part damaged.

These usually cost £239 at most, meaning it will almost certainly be cheaper than a full lid replacement.



MacBook charging ports very rarely break, so it is essential that you bring your machine in for diagnostics before we can assume. But when they do fail, it’s not usually as big a deal as you might think. Our typical price for replacing a MacBook charging port is around £99.


Remember how zippy your Mac was when you first got it? How it booted up in a snap, and switched fast between apps? At Storm, we live for breathing new life into broken devices—but what if your Mac is just wheezing and slow? 
all you’ve been through together, you don’t want to just throw it away. Should you sell it? Leave it unplugged in a drawer for a few more years (until you feel less guilty about throwing it away)?

Has the spinning beach ball of death become a familiar sight on your Mac?

Answer: none of the above. Upgrading your Mac is an amazingly effective option, and it’s both cheaper and easier than you might expect. With a brand-new SSD and high-capacity RAM, your aging Mac will be running better than new—in no time flat.


First things first: an SSD upgrade is, hands down, the best way to speed up your computer.

There’s lots of information on the benefits of SSDs versus HDDs, but here’s the short version: Unlike an old-fashioned hard disk drive (HDD), which stores the computer’s info on a spinning metal platter, a solid-state drive (SSD) stores the information in silicon chips. Because there are no moving parts in an SSD, they can read and write information up to 10 times faster than a traditional HDD. This means that boot times, application launch times, and data retrieval get much, much faster when you use an SSD as the primary storage for your computer.

Moreover, SSDs are more resistant to shock, vibration, and movement—making them particularly suited to laptops and other devices that are subject to sudden knocks and bumps.


If you find yourself staring at OS X’s spinning beach ball more often than you’d like, then RAM is the answer. RAM is your Mac’s short-term memory—meaning every time the system opens a program or process, it loads it into RAM.

If the system needs to juggle more applications than the RAM can hold, it must offload some of them to a temporary storage area on the hard drive (called the swap file). This eats resources, slowing everything down to a crawl. It’s a bit like if you were cooking a complicated new recipe when suddenly you run out of countertop space and all your cutting boards are full—you’d have to drop everything while you move stuff around and feverishly try to clear enough space to work. Meanwhile, your crock pot is boiling over and the smoke alarm is going off.

I don’t really understand how cooking works, but if only you’d had more RAM, this probably wouldn’t have happened. Imagine how many tabs you could have open at once with all that RAM! Not too long ago, many Macs shipped with 2 (or fewer) GB of RAM—an amount that would quickly fill up with today’s resource-hungry software. But as our favorite software companies continue to add new features and make our digital lives cooler and fancier, our old RAM-limited hardware increasingly struggles to keep up. Fortunately, in most cases, this is an easy fix.

One important caveat about RAM upgrades is that the amount of RAM your Mac can utilize is limited by the rest of the hardware in the computer. Not all computers can handle 16 GB of RAM and figuring out which computers can handle which RAM configuration can be tricky sometimes.


The term “virus” is often used to describe many different types of infection a computer might have. A virus, when used as a blanket term, can describe any number of potential computer programs. What these programs have in common are they are typically designed to cause damage, steal data, or spread across the network.

Malware describes software designed to act maliciously on a personal computer. The name ‘malware’ is a shorthand for ‘malicious software’ and describes exactly what it is. A computer virus is a single type of malware that can cause harm to your PC, but it is only one of many.


Short for advertising-supported software, adware is a type of malware that delivers advertisements to your computer. These advertisements are often intrusive, irritating, and often designed to trick you into clicking something you don’t want. A common example of malware is pop-up ads that appear on many websites and mobile applications.

Adware often comes bundled with “free” versions of software that uses these intrusive advertising to make up costs. Commonly it is installed without the user’s knowledge and made excessively difficult to remove.


Spyware is designed to spy on the user’s activity without their knowledge or consent. Often installed in the background, spyware can collect keyboard input, harvest data from the computer, monitor web activity and more.
Spyware typically requires installation to the computer. This is commonly done by tricking users into installing spyware themselves instead of the software or application that they thought they were getting. Victims of spyware are often completely unaware of its presence until the data stolen is acted on in the form of fraudulent bank transactions or stolen online accounts.


In technical terms a computer virus is a form of malware that is installed inadvertently, causing damage to the user. A typical virus may install a keylogger to capture passwords, logins, and bank information from the keyboard. It might steal data, interrupt programs, and cause the computer to crash.
Modern virus programs commonly use your computers processing power and internet bandwidth to perform tasks remotely for hackers. The first sign of this can be when the computer sounds like it is doing a lot of work when no programs should be running. A computer virus is often spread through installing unknown software or downloading attachments that contain more than they seem.


A particularly malicious variety of malware, known as ransomware, prevents the user from accessing their own files until a ransom is paid. Files within the system are often encrypted with a password that won’t be revealed to the user until the full ransom is paid.
Instead of accessing the computer as normal, the user is presented with a screen which details the contact and payment information required to access their data again.
Ransomware is typically downloaded through malicious file attachments, email, or a vulnerability in the computer system.


Among the most common type of malware today is the computer worm. Worms spread across computer networks by exploiting vulnerabilities within the operating system. Often these programs cause harm to their host networks by consuming large amounts of network bandwidth, overloading computers, and using up all the available resources.
One of the key differences between worms and a regular virus is its ability to make copies of itself and spread independently. A virus must rely on human activity to run a program or open a malicious attachment; worms can simply spread over the network without human intervention.

If you would like us to make sure your systems stay safe from malware, give us a call on 01292 876415


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