The customer brought their Apple MacBook into our store in Ayr to be upgraded. They initially had their mind set on a 2TB SSD for their MacBook, however we advised that it was costly and didn’t provide enough for the cost. We recommended that he replace the optical drive with an SSD, and have a large conventional HDD for mass storage – which gives the speed of the SSD for launching programs and running the operating system off of, and a large amount of storage that isn’t dependant on read and write speeds. The customer also wanted an upgrade in RAM from 8GB to 16GB, which was no issue at all.

Due to losing the DVD drive to a 240GB SSD, the customer requested that we order him in an external DVD player so he can still use that function. We ordered in a USB 3 external DVD drive for them.

So, after a 240GB SSD running the latest MacOS, a 2TB HDD for storage, a 16GB of RAM upgrade, a data transfer, and an external DVD player, this happy customer has one of the best MacBook’s we’ve had in store and will easily run anything thrown at it for years to come.