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Blog - Our Services

eMac Data Recovery

We recently performed data recovery service on a customers eMac computer.

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Get to know your iPad

We have comprised a list of every iPad to date making it a little easier for you to identify which model of iPad you have.

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MacBook Repairs

Repairs and Upgrades carried out on all MacBooks!

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Storm 10 Point PC and Laptop Health Check

Storm's 10 Point health check allows you to know all issues with your machine!

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Apple MacBook and iMac Upgrades

This week, we provided a large upgrade on one of our customers MacBooks.


Their i7 MacBook Pro sported 8GB of RAM, and a 750GB HDD that was deteriorating in performance due to age...

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MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air - Which should I get?

If, like many people, you are wondering what the difference is between the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, you can find out here.

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Intel's New Core i9 Processors

Intel's new core i9 range is sure to get people talking as it is the first processors with such power to be used in a home PC.

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Mac vs PC - What should I get?

Don't know whether to get a Mac or a PC? Find out more on this blog

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Full Service

Here at Storm one of our most popular computer repairs is a full service

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Staying Protected

Keeping your anti-virus software up to date is a vital part of looking after your system! If you don’t spend time to update your software or virus definitions your laptop or PC could be at risk of malicious software, hackers, ransomware and so on.

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