The customer brought in their eMac computer into our store in Ayr to be upgraded.

Due to the computers age it was deteriorating in performance. Initially we had to retrieve the hard drive from the computer but before we started the service it was important to note that the eMac can have some seriously dangerous voltages inside of it, this is due to the CRT display.

Before working on the eMac, we unplugged it and pressed the power button to clear any stored charge on the motherboard, we then let this eMac sit for 24-hours to allow the CRT to discharge.

This eMac was a legacy machine that paved the way for many of the more modern iMacs and MacBook models that we see today, having a computer with this title in our store was more than fascinating and we're also certain that if our customer headed to the Apple store with this machine, many of the employees wouldn't know anything about the machine due to its age.