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iMac Repairs & Servicing


If you own a MacBook, the chances are you paid a small fortune for your machine. This is why we always advise to be careful who you select for your servicing, upgrades and repairs.

Here at Storm, we are Apple specialists who deal with Apple products day in, day out, and know almost everything there is to know when it comes to Apple products.


Replacement iMac Hard Drives

The hard drives on iMacs are usually the only thing that wears down over time. Chances are if you have a 5-year-old iMac, and the hard drive has never been changed, that’s the cause of it running slowfreezing, not booting and many more issues. 

Replacement 1TB hard drives on an iMac start at £99.

iMac RAM Upgrades

RAM upgrades on iMacs can help with demanding software such as Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, for a cost effective price. A typical upgrade cost for Mac RAM is around £79 and can drastically help performance

iMac Outer Glass Replacement

If you have an iMac, and the outer glass has cracked or smashed, we can replace the outer glass and, most importantly, clean the iMac so that there is no broken glass that will scratch or damage your iMac's LCD. This cleaning procedure is key to your iMac's health. This service usually costs £139

Any iMac, Repaired

We can repair anything on any iMac. From the hinge, to the graphics card, to a simple RAM upgrade, we can repair it all.


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