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Computer PC Repairs & Servicing


Computers are quite often a person’s lifeline. Whether you are working from home or simply checking your Facebook, we know how frustrating it can be when they fail. If your computer does break, we can help. Storm provide a first class computer repair service throughout Ayrshire. Simply pop in and see us at 41A Green Street, Ayr, KA8 8BQ and we can book your machine in, and diagnose any issues it may have and most importantly, give you a full repair estimate before any work is carried out.

Full Service

A full service involves us backing up your data, and putting it on a fresh installation of Windows. This fixes any issues with the operating system (OS). This will also speed your PC up a considerable amount if you have a lot of bloatware slowing your computer down. This usually costs around £59 - £69 depending on just how much data you have.

Graphics Card Installation 

A lot of people who use their desktop PC at home or at work are now looking for more than one monitor. In order to do so, you will need a graphics card. A graphics card (that will let you output to more than one monitor) and installation is around £99. This includes the installation of the correct drivers too. More expensive graphics cards are available if you are looking to do graphics work. We can advise you on the best one to get. 

HDD Replacements

Hard drives are one of the only things in computers that can fail solely over time. If your Desktop PC or Laptop is having issues, bring it in to the shop and we will diagnose the issues. If it turns out to be an issue with the hard drive, we will put in a replacement 1TB HDD, and transfer your data across. If you are simply looking for an upgrade in HDD size, or looking to upgrade to an SSD, this is a service we provide. Prices start at around £99 for hard drive replacements.


RAM Upgrades

If you are running programs that require more RAM, or your machine is running slow, upgrading your RAM can be one of the most cost effective ways to improve your machine. Typical RAM upgrades are around £59

Virus and Malware Removal

When a Desktop Computer or Laptop gets a virus or is infected by a piece of malware, it can be devastating.

Whether it’s at home or at a business, it’s just as simple as clicking on the wrong link or download, or opening an email attachment that you think is important, then all of a sudden you have a virus that puts your personal files and security at risk. - not just on your Desktop PC or Laptop, but on your wholenetwork. We can handle all of your personal files with advanced pieces of anti-virus software – allowing your home PC or business network to be safe and secure against cyber threats.


  • ~ Full anti-virus software setup over home and network PCs
  • ~ PC maintenance to ensure no problems
  • ~ Virus removal
  • ~ Firewall setup
  • ~ Password protection over large business networks