Microsoft Office

November 30, 2021
November 30, 2021 Steven Kempsell

Get Setup With Microsoft Office

What is Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office was designed to help people carry out tasks on their computers, people using Office can create and edit documents which contain data.

What is included

Microsoft word – Microsoft Word is a word processor which was launched in 1983, Microsoft Word is used for making professional documents, letters, reports and more. Microsoft word has up to date features which allow for documents to be formatted and presented well.

Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel visualization and analysis software which uses spreadsheets to organise important data, Microsoft Excel is used by Marketers, Accountants, Data Analysts and other Professionals.

Microsoft Power Point – Microsoft Power Point is a presentation Programme; Microsoft Power Point uses slide shows to present information. Microsoft Power point is used by corporate and Education Organisations.

Microsoft Publisher – Microsoft Publisher is a software application which is used for desktop publishing, publisher allows you to change page size, graphics and text, publisher is used to produce Professional looking posters, flyers and handouts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft Office an operating system?

Microsoft Office is not an operating system, Microsoft office is a software programme


What is the most common Microsoft Office programme?

The most common programme within Microsoft office is the Word Processor


Is this a onetime payment?

Yes, there are no hidden charges


Is this a monthly Subscription?

No, this is a life time subscription


Do you install office for cheaper if I buy a laptop?

We do a 30% discount if you buy a laptop or desktop


Why come to us

Why should you come to Storm for Microsoft Office?

We can install your Microsoft office in store or if your unable to make it to us we can install it remotely. We are up to 30% than Curry’s and other retailers.


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